Do you know What is gastritis and how to fix it? In this video, I will explain what are causes of gastritis, best gastritis diet, and some tips on gastritis treatment at home. 


Hey guys, this is Dr. Sameer Islam. And in today's video, we will talk about how to fix gastritis naturally.

For those that got those of you guys who are joining me for the first time, I am Dr. Samir Islam. I am a board-certified gastroenterologist practicing currently in Lubbock, Texas. My passion is to give you information that's accurate, legitimate, and actually based on facts. 

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But in tonight's video, we're going to go over a couple of main things. Number one, what the heck is gastritis? Are you wondering what gastro is or have you seen this diagnosis in your forums? You're wondering exactly what this is- well you'll learn tonight what gastritis is. 

Number two is that you'll learn: What are the causes of gastritis? If you had this, what could be the cause of it? And what can you do to prevent this? You'll also learn what are the symptoms, how do we diagnose it, how can we tell if you have gastritis or not? Then lastly, we'll talk about how to treat gastritis, both medically and naturally. I can give you a plan to hopefully help out with your gastroenteritis symptoms, 

But to begin, let's talk about what the heck has gas stride is: 

So when people hear this term or this term gastritis, they have all sorts of ideas in their head of what it could be. Is there's an ulcer in their stomach? Can it be heartburn, indigestion, inflammation? What exactly is gastritis? 

Gastritis is defined as inflammation of the stomach- that "itis" at the very end usually means inflammation. So gas dryness, diverticulitis is inflammation of diverticula, colitis is inflammation of the colon, and so gastritis is inflammation of the stomach. It's some sort of response to an injury in the stomach, and there are a lot of different reasons why people can have an injury to the stomach, which we'll talk about in tonight's video. 

But what it is not, it is NOT CANCER. It is not an ulcer. So if you're diagnosed with gastritis, you do not have an ulcer. You do not have cancer. Those are very specific signs and symptoms that we can see or diagnose in patients who have those particular conditions. 

So don't be scared if you have gastritis, it is not cancer. It is something different. It is an inflammatory response in the gut for any number of different reasons. 

There could be an infection called H pylori, which is a very common bacterial infection in the gut that can cause inflammation, ulcers, cancer, and gastritis as well. There's also a condition called autoimmune gastritis in which your body actually taxed its own cells to cause inflammation to occur. We can sometimes assess this with some of the testing that we do. 

Very commonly medications that we take can cause or gastritis- aspirin, Neproxin Advil, Motrin, these can cause inflammation in the stomach and that inflammation will cause a response of your stomach to form gastritis as well. 

And a very common reason for gastritis is alcohol simple alcohol drinking. Alcohol can really mess up the stomach and cause it to have a lot of inflammation. And so alcohol alone can also be a cause for gastritis it can be any number of different things or it could be any combination of these things can lead to gastritis. 

Now the symptoms of gas riders can depend on honestly how long you've had gas, gastroenteritis and how acute you've had the symptoms as well. I have had patients who've had gastroenteritis or just a short amount of time and they can feel some pain, but I've had patients who've had gastritis for a long, long time because they may be taking non-steroidal, anti-inflammatory medications, which can cause gastritis to occur, which can lead to long-standing symptoms as well. 

But some people, they have acute gastritis. They can have symptoms of pain or a "gnawing" sensation in their abdomen, nausea, and vomiting as well. That can very be a very common cause of acute gastroenteritis. Or you can have chronic gastritis, which you can have long, dull pain, maybe even a loss of appetite as well. You can get full very, very quickly or how what's called early satiety. They may not have any symptoms whatsoever. That's perfectly fine if you don't, because we typically don't even worry about it. And so you may have chronic gastritis, but not be completely asymptomatic or not have any symptoms from that. 

Now the way we diagnose gastro, it is the best way for us to know if you have gastritis and the best way for us to see the cause for gastritis to do what's called an upper endoscopy or an EGD. 

We'll actually go down inside the stomach while you sleep to see, number one: the extent of gastritis (is it covering the whole stomach? etc). Number two, the severity of the gastroenteritis- is it very severe, is it acute? Is it chronic? And also, more importantly, we can take biopsies and find out exactly why we can see if you have that H pylori infection in the stomach to cause gastritis, we can see if you have an auto-immune condition to cause gastritis when we can see this- whether it's alcohol medications, maybe even bile in the stomach from getting your gallbladder removed. 

And so the upper endoscopy is probably the gold standard, the best way for us to know if you have gastritis or not be the extent and see the cause as well. 

So now that you have this diagnosis of gastroenteritis, how do you treat this? What do you do? 

Well, obviously it depends on the cause and symptoms. What we typically will do is that we'll have some sort of mechanism to help reduce the stomach acid in the stomach. Whether it's dietary changes, whether it's putting on a medication like a Nexium, Prilosec, or some sort of acid blocker, that can help heal the inflammation that's going on in the stomach. 

If it's due to a specific, cause, let's say H pylori for an infection in the stomach, we'll give you a treatment of antibiotics that get rid of the H pylori, which in turn should get rid of gastritis. 

If it's due to aspirin, anti-inflammatory medications, we'll have you stop those medications. And maybe, in addition, take an acid-reducing medication to help heal the stomach, and that should hopefully cure your gastritis.

If it's due to alcohol, well obviously the cure for that is this to stop alcohol. I'm sorry. It's really what you gotta do. If you have alcohol-induced gastritis, there really is no other way to treat it. Or if you may have another reason why you may have gastritis, we may add, may add other medications to help out with the regimen, to get things taken care of as well. 

But one of the biggest questions people ask me is what dietary things can I do to fix my gastritis? What are some natural things that I can do to help out with my gut? If I have symptoms of gastritis, I don't want to take a medication or want to change some of the lifestyle things that we can do. 

What I'll tell you is that number one, minimizing smoked type foods will likely help your gastritis. So things that are charbroiled, things that are made on a grill, smoked things, smoked type foods, tend to cause inflammation in the stomach leading to a lot of different conditions, gastritis, potentially stomach cancer, and even colon cancer as well. So minimizing those smoked foods will help out with the gastritis symptoms that you may be having. 

Number two is minimizing alcohol, like I mentioned before. So if you can't get rid of the alcohol, at least try to minimize the amount so that it doesn't irritate your stomach and cause issues to occur. 

Number three is minimize processed foods. Processed foods are not good for you no matter what. There's so many problems with processed foods, whether it's how it's made the content, the actual way it's packaged. It is not a good thing to have. And so try to minimize or even eliminate processed foods, deli meat, things like that. 

Number four, dealing with stress. Stress is a very common cause of gastritis. There is a connection between the brain and the gut and the more that your brain is affected, the more stress that you have, the worst it can cause the inflammation in your gut to occur. And so if you can minimize the stress that you have, that will certainly help out with your gastritis symptoms. 

Smoking is a very common irritant of the stomach and it can cause a lot of damage all in your stomach or your lungs and your GI tract and your heart. There is nothing good with smoking and not only can smoking make your stomach issues worse, but it can also make your gastritis a lot worse as well. So if you smoke, in addition to maybe drinking alcohol, it's almost like a double whammy into your stomach and will make your symptoms a lot worse as well. 

And maybe if you want to eat a lighter meal, this will help out, try to eat a lighter meal, try to space out your meals throughout the day, try to minimize late-night meals as well, to help. 

These are some of the simple things that I recommend to my patients who are wondering about what they can do about their gastritis in terms of lifestyle options they can do to make their symptoms better. 

So in summary, gastritis is defined as actual inflammation of the stomach while due to some sort of injury that's occurring. There are a lot of different reasons why people may have gastritis, including infections, medications, alcohol, or even other conditions. The diagnosis is the best way we can diagnose somebody with gastroenteritis is to do an upper endoscopy, to determine the extent that caused and the type of gastritis that you have. And the treatment will depend on the symptoms and the causes that you may have. If you have gastroenteritis and you have symptoms from it, try to eliminate alcohol, minimize processed foods, try to give up smoke foods, try to change the way you eat to hopefully help out with some of the lifestyle things you can do to help out with your gas rights. 

So my question today is I want to know what diet changes you're going to implement today to help out with gastritis. Are you going to try to minimize your food? Are you gonna try to change your food? Are you gonna try to have a lighter meal? Are you going to give up alcohol or smoking? If you suffer from gastritis, tell me today what you're going to do to take that first step and getting you feeling better and help out with your gut issues as well. 

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