Hemorrhoid Banding

If you want to get rid of hemorrhoids permanently, we have the opportunity to band them by putting a rubber band around the hemorrhoids.

Now I know what you may be thinking … this sounds worse than actually having the hemorrhoid itself.

Let me reassure you about a few things:

  1. It is painless
  2. No bowel prep is involved
  3. The procedure itself takes one minute
  4. No sedation is needed
  5. There is no downtime

Literally you come in and get it done, and leave right away. And most importantly, it has a 99.1% chance of eliminating symptoms from your hemorrhoids. It’s a very effective treatment.

In the video below I explain what causes hemorrhoids and the simple procedure to eliminate them.

If you are interested or have any more questions, please call (806) 761-0747 or submit a request online to make an appointment today.

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Above all, make sure you see your physician for new symptoms from hemorrhoids. This may be a sign of something more concerning.